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Parentline Helpline

Parentline helpline is 24/7 and specialises in helping parents under stress. You can offload on to them and talk through what would be best for your children, and download a guide to Splitting Up.


Tel: 0808 800 2222.
Web: www.parentlineplus.org.uk


Relate counseling can help you save your relationship if it’s not too late, but can also help it in the best way possible, or pick up the emotional pieces after it has ended. A Relate counsellor can also help you work out how best to help the children and, by giving you emotional support, help you have more attention to spare for how the children are feeling. As well as offering counselling, face-to-face, by phone or email, Relate run a special course called Parents Apart for couples who have separated but want to learn how to get along for the sake of their children, and some centres offer mediation.


Tel: 0300 100 1234
Web: www.relate.org.uk


We can help you and your partner negotiate the best arrangements for your children and protect the children from your conflict. They can be especially helpful if in all other respects you and your former partner are at war. As explained some Relate centres offer mediation but mediation can be found in different settings all round the country often via solicitors. Contact the National Family Mediation Helpline for details of how they can help you and local mediation services.


Tel: 0845 60 26 627
Web: www.familymediationhelpline.co.uk

Young Minds Parents Information Service

Help you find how best to support your children through separation or divorce.


Tel:0800 018 2138
Web: www.youngminds.org.uk


5000 members who are family lawyers committed to a non-confrontational approach. They can give details of members near you and publish a guide to Separation And Divorce: Helping parents help children, plus a practical set of two charts, one for each carer’s home, to help keep track of children’s movements and arrangements


Tel: 08457 585671
Web: www.resolution.org.uk


Contact Centres can provide a safe, neutral setting for your child to spend time with one or both parents and maybe other family members.


Tel: 0845 4500 280
Web: www.naccc.org.uk

One Parent Families - Gingerbread

Can advise lone parents on a wide range of legal and financial issues.


Tel: 0800 018 5026
Web: www.oneparentfamilies.org.uk

Families Need Fathers

Help with shared parenting issues arising from relationship breakdown whether you’re the mum or dad, married or unmarried.


Tel: 08707 607 496
Web: www.fnf.org.uk

National Debtline

Expert advice over the phone or by email. The service is free, confidential and independent.


Tel: 0808 808 4000
Web: www.nationaldebtline.co.uk

National Domestic Violence Helpline

Advises female victims of violence in the home and can refer to local refuges.


Tel: 0808 200 0247
Web: www.womensaid.org.uk


The Samaritans are there to listen whenever you feel low, day or night.


Tel: 08457 909090
Web: www.samaritans.org